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SD 2000 Rapid Index Spindle Drive

What is the SD-2000?

Imagine the possibilities if you could control the spindle of your Swiss ASM through a computer setting the speed, direction or indexing to any position you desire. Versatility has been designed into the SD-2000 allowing any combination of spindle changes necessary to make the part without secondary operations.

This variety is possible because of the SD-2000's uniquely designed ability to execute spindle changes extremely fast so that the ASM can spend more of its cycle time cutting metal. The SD-2000 is further enhanced by using the optional slide mounted live tools that have been engineered specifically to drill, mill, or slot on your Swiss ASM. Refer to our tooling brochure for more details.

Practical Application

The new SD-2000 opens up a fresh approach to machining possibilities that could not be performed by any other combination of equipment. Consider the following situations:

Threading can be accomplished in 1 pass by using 2 or 3 single point tools for a chatter free finish. The alternatives are secondary, dies, or CNC with several passes. Square and Hex Rod can now be used with an automatic bar feeder by jogging the spindle into position.

Drilling-Milling and Slotting can now be precisely aligned to each other without the need for secondary setups and the inherent quality problems incurred from extra handling, chucking into fixtures and misalignment.


High production speed and quality are achieved due to concentrating its power to develop 2.2 H.P. and >4.5 ft./lbs of torque over all R.P.M. ranges (to 10,000 RPM). Low rotor mass is the key element to to achieving high accel/decel rates unlike most CNC machines with sluggish high inertia motors. The SD-2000 is able to index directly to position without first finding home and then slow rolling to position, as with other machines.


The SD 2000 is designed with the operator in mind. To be truly practical the SD-2000 is engineered to default to standard or preprogrammed sequences and failsafes which help eliminate any downtime normally due to operator error.

Complex production parts requiring several R.P.M..'s or indexes can easily be entered via a laptop computer in only seconds due to the use of menu prompt style programming. No complex CNC programming knowledge is needed, only the ability to read the simple display and carry out the commands. Editing is a breeze due to the ability to recall a step while entering real time information from the screen directly to the program.

Once a program is set up the first time, it can then be recalled in less than 15 seconds for running future orders. Camshaft Drive option allow the camshaft rotation to be variable during part turnings. Camshaft adjustments can then optimize surface feet. Cam programmable in 1 sec. intervals ranging from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

The SD-2000 offers:

  • A low one time equipment investment that can easily pay for itself on the first job and still run hundreds more.
  • A finished part right off the machine without a secondary.
  • The need for a setup person on only one machine.
  • The need for only one operator at the pnmary operation and not for secondary.


  • High torque stable throughout R.P.M. ranges and positions
  • Program up to 12 air or electric tools
  • RS-232 port for interface with optional remote computer
  • Environment sealed operator interface and electronics cabinet (NEMA 12)
  • Menu prompt programming
  • Home positioning for square or hex
  • On board self diagnostics
  • One-year warranty
  • Protected by U.S. Patent


  • 2.2 hp A.C. servo motor
  • 12 user programmable I/O ports
  • R.P.M. range 0-10,000 CW or CCW
  • R.P.M. stable <1.0 R.P.M.
  • Torque >4.5 ft/lbs
  • Index accuracy <0.1 degree
  • Accel-decel rate <0.3 seconds (.1 sec per 1,000 R.P.M. )
  • Input power 230 vac 3 phaseSD-2000 Rapid Index Spindle Drive


10,000 R.P.M. 2.2 H.P. Servo Motor
Drive Electronics
Control Computer
Custom Mounting Hardware
1 Year Warranty
Free Installation
(Shipping & Travel Extra. At Customer site -- approximately 2 weeks downtime for Spindle Modification)


For All Swiss: $9,985.00

Air Option For SD-2000
I/O Circuitry and Electronic Valve with Filter -Regulator-Lubricator $490.00
Each additional Air I/O Port $295.00
Air Collet $1,395.00
Programmable Camshaft Drive (2nd Axis Motor) including software and installation $6,495.00