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Finley Precision Spindles; Finley Spindles

The Series 36 right angle spindle makes it easier to maneuver on the hard to reach operations without sacrificing area space. Like the Series 36 AM the RA configurations capability excel in drilling, cutting, and milling processes for both the air and belt driven spindles. Also equipped with large hardened spiral bevel gears for long life and high torque transmission capability. The air motor is capable of 14,000 RPM with direct drive or lower RPM’s with integral planetary gears. Uses standard RD-16 collets*. Air motors can easily be detached from the precision spindle and replaced with another of a different RPM. The spindle has a speed reduction gear ratio of 1.5 RPM input to 1 RPM output.


Finley Precision Spindles; Finley Spindles

Series 36 Air Motor Right Angle Spindles

Performance Specifications & Dimensions

Finley Precision Spindles; Finley Spindles

The Series 36 design also allows for belt drive configurations which is widely used with conjunction of Servo motors for maximum versatility.