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Performance Specifications & Dimensions

There are two options when it comes to the Series 50 belt or shaft driven spindles, a long housing or a short housing. Gear train has been designed for long life with needle bearings inside each gear. Uses standard RD 20 collets. A set of 12 collets will hold all tools from 1.0MM(.040″) to 13MM(.512″).

The Series 50 – AM & BD spindles provide a heavy duty drive while giving you the comfort of the easy to work with configurations. Providing the ability of more strength and torque makes it for a valuable spindle. The Series 50 – AM & BD spindles have a rugged ball bearing design that is used for the tough and hard to do jobs that need that extra support. The air motor is capable of 21,000 RPM or lower RPM’s with integral planetary gears. Uses standard RD 20 collets*. The capability of this spindle provides an integral piece of machinery for your tasks in hand.

Finley Precision Spindles; Finley Spindles



Finley Precision Spindles; Finley Spindles

Series 50 Air Motor & Belt Drive Spindles