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SR 1000 Stop Spindle Attachment

Stop Spindle attachment allows the automatic screw machine to perform a secondary task while the spindle is stopped, and then restart after completion of the operation.

  • Cross drilling
  • End and side milling
  • Off center and slotting, milling or drilling
  • End of side slotting

Most Swiss automatic screw machines can be upgraded with the SR 1000 in matter of hours because of the simple bolt-on installation, time and expense is minimal. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment or to send secondary work outside the plant. The SR-1000 allows you to keep that work inside the plant for better control, delivery and cost.

How does the USSSA Swiss Work?

The USSSA is operated pneumatically from your in-house system, and requires only 80-90 lbs PSI. A cam driven valve sends air to the drive release mechanism. This does not stop the motor or flywheel, but successfully removes driving force from the spindle. Then, without drive to the spindle, a brake is applied, stopping the rod and spindle.

Because the USSSA is operated from a cam on the main cam shaft, you can stop, hold and restart the spindle at any moment you choose by simply designing the cam to suit your needs as you would in any other tooling operation. When the cam releases the valve, the process occurs in a reverse order, restoring the spindle to operating speed.

What are some of the features of the USSSA?

  • Less than .3 second to stop the spindle
  • .3 to .5 seconds to restart the spindle, depending on spindle speed
  • More accurate feed of hex, square, or extruded rods
  • The USSSA can be used on standard machines; there is no pre-installed clutching needed


Universal Swiss Stop Spindle Attachment

Complete with hoses, fittings, valves, spindle brake, mounting hardware, instructions, 1 year warranty, and installation included at no extra charge. Travel and shipping extra.


Tornos-Strohm-Wickham-Tsugami-Gauthier $1,985.00
Star-Peterman-Bechler $1,985.00


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